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Dessert Menu

Beautiful Cupcakes with sprinkles


2 Dozen Minimum

Standard Cupcakes- $36 per dozen

Mini Cupcakes- $20 per dozen

*custom cupcakes may be more depending on design

Cupcakes with real fruit
Cupcakes with LOL theme
Cake Pops

2 Dozen Minimum

Cake Pops- $30 per dozen

Cake Balls- $24 per dozen

*custom cake pops may be more depending on the design

Bars & Cookies

2 Dozen Minimum

Lemon Bars- $36 per dozen

German  Chocolate Squares- $36 per dozen

Brownie Squares- $30 per dozen

Drop Cookies- $16 per dozen

    -snickerdoodles, chocolate chip, double chocolate, and sugar confetti

Cookies with sprinkles and blue filling
Custom designed cookies with flowers
Decorated Sugar Cookies

1 Dozen Minimum

Tier 1: 1-3 colors and 1 shape design

    - $48 per dozen

Tier 2: 4-6 colors and 2 shape designs

    - $54 per dozen

Tier 3: 7+ colors and 3-4 shape designs

    -$66 per dozen 

*designs can be more depending on the intricacy and designs. Character cookies start at $6.50 per cookie.

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